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How many people will Villas Escondrijo accommodate?

Each of the two Villas at Villas Escondrijo is designed to comfortably accommodate 4 people (2 Queen beds). Therefore, there will be a maximum of 8 people sharing the pool, terraces and landscaped grounds.

Are children welcome at Villas Escondrijo?

Children under the age of 16 are welcome when you are reserving both Villas, or by special arrangement. However this is the jungle and children must never be left alone or unsupervised at Villas Escondrijo.

What is the closest International Airport?

The majority of international travel is through Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. This is the closest international airport to Dominical. In addition, there are many small regional airports throughout the country; the closest being in Quepos, near Manuel Antonio.

How do we get to Villas Escondrijo?

For more information, go to the Transportation page.

Should we rent a car?

Yes! While you may get around San Jose by taxi, once out of the city you really need to have your own transportation. (There are buses and it is possible not to but a vehicle makes everything more accessible – particularly in remote areas.) A 4-wheel drive (4×4) is required for the road to Villas Escondrijo, as well as for many other scenic locations. Most rental agencies have a large selection of 4X4’s. Yes, a small one will be sufficient and easier to park.

What are the roads like?

The roads in Costa Rica are anywhere from awesome to terrible depending on where you are in the country. The Pan American Highway through the central mountains of Costa Rica is maintained in excellent condition, as it is the main highway through Central America. Since it follows the mountain ridge, this two-lane road is typical of any winding mountain road. There are many opportunities to view breathtaking vistas along this highway.

The new “highway to the coast” #27, completed January 27th, 2010 is a modern, efficient route to the coast, significantly reducing travel times & is far less likely to result in being “caught” due to trucks or traffic situations.

The road to Villas Escondrijo up into the hills of Escaleras above Dominical is a well-maintained gravel road. A four-wheel drive is required for this portion of the trip.

How are the restaurants in the area?

The quality of the restaurants is excellent. Dining opportunities in the southern Pacific Coast area include a wide range of options as well as the typical Tico fare, Gallo Pinto and Arroz con Pollo. Since the fish are caught offshore daily, fresh Pescado (fish) and Ceviche are always great choices.

Within Dominical, you will also find good Italian, Argentine, Thai, and a variety of other restaurants. A bit south down the main highway is a significant French Canadian population where some truly wonderful French, fusion & other European restaurants are plentiful. If you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, you will find the Chilean, Argentine and Spanish wines to be very nice and reasonably priced.

What if I don’t speak Spanish?

Most restaurants have both Spanish and English menus – even in some of the simplest places. Almost everywhere you go someone will speak some English; and, if they don’t, they will try hard to communicate with you and help to find someone who does – it’s their nature to be helpful.

What is the Currency?

The Costa Rican currency is colones. You will be able to exchange currency at the airport or at banks. Many goods and services may be paid for with U.S. dollars or by credit card, however most small stores and restaurants prefer local currency and many are unable to accept credit cards. ATM’s and cash advances are available at most banks.

Can I drink the water?

The water throughout Costa Rica is very safe for drinking. The Costa Rican government takes health issues very seriously and has strict standards to maintain water quality. The water supply for Villas Escondrijo is from our own well. The well draws from an aquifer some 180 feet deep under the hillside. The Costa Rican Health Department requires that the well’s water be tested and verified to be pure and free of contamination.

Where should we buy groceries?

Within the area the largest grocery store is about 10 minutes south of Dominical in Uvita where you will also find a butcher shop. Fresh fish can be purchased right in the town of Dominicalito, at the beach when the fishing boats come in. There are several small convenience stores/markets along the coast as well as in Domincal. The last “major” grocery store however, on your way to Domincal from the north is in Jaco, known as “Mas X Menos” if you truly wish to “stock up” – note, however that if it is mid-day and very warm, it is still about an hour and a half drive to Domincal.

Is the kitchen stocked?

The kitchen is well stocked with dishes, pans and cooking utensils. There are the typical small appliances: coffee maker with filters, blender, microwave, etc. Coffee, tea, a few basic spices are provided.

Are linens provided?

Each master suite and bath in the villa has a complete set of linens including separate towels for the pool and/or beach. Our sheets are 400-thread count, 100% cotton and we offer a selection of down and foam pillows.

Is housekeeping included?

Yes! Your private villa at Villas Escondrijo will be fresh and clean for your arrival. At mid-week housekeeping will arrive to clean and change linens & will return again at the end of your stay.

What happens if something breaks?

Our Manager lives nearby at a separate homesite on the property and will do her best to have things repaired quickly. Since the villa is in a remote part of Costa Rica, we cannot guarantee that things will be repaired immediately, but we will do our best.

What should we bring?

Not much. Bring your camera, binoculars, sunscreen & bug juice. A small Spanish phrasebook and/or dictionary could be useful. Good walking/hiking shoes for walking, hiking or horseback riding. Sandals and casual clothing are the norm in the Dominical area. If you plan to spend time in San Jose or at the large resort towns in the north, you may wish to bring ‘resort-wear’ for dining out. Each Villa at Villas Escondrijo has a washer and dryer with laundry soap.

How can we communicate with our family back home?

Internet service is available at one of several Internet cafes in Dominical – including wireless in many restaurants. While some guests have had success making international calls on their foreign cell phones, many do not work in Costa Rica. To make international calls, you may purchase a Costa Rican calling card at most small convenience stores or the Internet cafés. In emergencies, our Manager has a Costa Rican cell phone that allows international calls.

Are the villas handicap accessible?

The Villas are two-stories with both bedrooms & bathrooms on the main level and the kitchen, living room and balcony on the second. There are no elevators. The access from the parking area to the patio and entrance to the main level is sloped with no stairs; but the rooms have not been designed for any specific handicap access such as extra wide doorways. Please feel free to contact us for a more detailed description.

Is there a perfect guest for Villas Escondrijo?

The perfect Villas Escondrijo guests are those looking for a relaxed vacation, in a well-appointed home, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with peace and privacy. Those wishing to kick back while observing the vast diversity of nature in the rainforest will not be disappointed. Likewise, individuals looking for outdoor adventure and activities will have many to choose from.

How safe is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a very welcoming tourist destination. The Costa Rican people ( “Ticos”) are friendly, generous and honest. As with anywhere, normal precautions should be followed, such as not leaving valuables in a vehicle and safeguarding your passport. There is a significant amount of information available about the country in a variety of locations (books & web) if you would like more information please feel free to contact us.